Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Derek's Tambling Lake Challenge Run 2009

While in Eagle River, Wisconsin for vacation last week, we saw a few signs around town for a midnight 5K fun run hosted by the local YMCA. Derek, who just turned 5 during our vacation, was determined that he wanted to do it. It took some convincing, but he ultimately agreed with me that even if he could cover 3.1 miles on his own two feet, doing so at midnight might not be the best idea for a 5 year old.

No problem. He decided he'd just do his own race, 2 miles. With Grandma and Grandpa ready and willing to host an aid station which we could hit twice on our out and back run, and Grandpa doing double-duty as race photographer, and Mom as race videographer, we put together a top notch event.

Derek did great, and took my advice to mix running and walking, covering the distance with relative ease in just over 40 minutes. It was a blast. Might just become an annual event...maybe we'll even attract some other runners next year :-)

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  1. great post...this past weekend I could not pull my 8 year old son away from the tv televising a triathlon....he got so enthused he will run his firt tri Oct. 10...50 yrd swim, 2.5 mi on the bike, 0.5 mi run....