Sunday, September 10, 2006

IMBrrr! - Ironman Wisconsin 2006

As it turns out, I never actually wrote a race report for Ironman Wisconsin 2006. I'm writing this well after the fact, and post-dating the blog just so it appears in the right place chronologically.

The report would have gone something like this. "It was very wet, and cold. I finished. The End." :-) The temperatures never got out of the 50s. The winds weren't terrible, but at a steady 10 to 20 mph throughout the bike, they sure didn't help. And, the only time it didn't rain all day was during the swim.

I'm kind of sad I didn't capture my thoughts in a report right after the race. Life must have gotten in the way and I just never got to it. Unfortunately time has a way of erasing the details of the memories and emotions. However, it is fun to look back. And, in looking back, I came upon one of my favorite memories of the two year old son, Derek, completing the FitKids Fun Run. It was about 0.6 miles, and he "ran" the whole thing by himself, with just one stop at Aid Station Mommy :-)

It still makes me smile. It was a good weekend.

Pointing out the next kid
to catch.

Aid Station.

Mike Reilly calling Derek
into the finish!